About Me

Videographer. Photographer. Storyteller. 

I was born and raised in Watford but have very recently purchased my first home and moved to Dunstable.


However, I studied at Bournemouth University and lived in Bournemouth for 6 years and still have a very close connection with the FJB Hotel Group (where I absolutely love to stay, and I will retire here one day).


I have always taken photographs, for as long as I can remember, but I started up videography whilst studying Multi-Media Journalism. My love for creating films just grew and grew and it just turned into a full time business!

Apart from my passion for photos and videos I love to spend time with my dog. These two come side by side quite often as I love dog walking and always take my camera with me. I have a 18 month old beagle named Bourbon who likes to keep me very busy in my spare time!

I like to work in a very discreet way, you will never see me dictate what happens in front of the camera, and I actually hope that you forget I am there! 

Kady Eliza

Videographer, Photographer, Storyteller 
I have been very lucky to create a career which I am very passionate about.
As well as working in the Broadcasting Industry I was able to turn a hobby into a dream and capture beautiful photography and videography for others to enjoy...
...But most of all I love capturing stories that will last a lifetime. 
My journalism background is what gave me the confidence to tell stories in a unique,and captivating way .
I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I loved creating it.